Oppboga Excellent™ Kraft
Oppboga Excellent™ High White

The Oppboga Excellent™ family is getting bigger

Oppboga Excellent™ has been the natural choice for indoor advertising since the 1970s. We are delighted to announce that there are two new additions to the trusted Oppboga Excellent™ brand:

Oppboga Excellent™ Kraft – this uncoated and FSC-certified display board has a brown surface and a clean, pure centre. Its natural appearance resonates with brand owners and consumers alike.

Oppboga Excellent™ High White – this coated and FSC-certified display board is exceptionally white, which is ideal for brands that demand a bright surface for the reproduction of the highest quality images, for example, for cosmetic or health care goods.

Both Oppboga Excellent™ Kraft and High White stay perfectly flat and are suitable for large format digital printing in the sign & display segment.

Applications are wide ranging, from hanging signage, POS displays, aisle fins and category signage to shop window promotions or exhibition stands.