The Bulldog Spirit

Our values

In 1911 Mr. Mibell, then Managing Director of Oppboga and proud owner of a British bulldog, decided to use the bulldog as a symbol for our mill. He admired this breed for its traits of courage, tenacity, strength and kindness. We continue to live by the Bulldog Spirit, as over the past century it has taught us to stand strong, challenge the conventional and constantly seek new ways of satisfying our customers.

Courage (Mod)

We dare to challenge traditional thinking. We have the courage to view things from an entirely different perspective. We are brave enough to question the norm.

Tenacity (Uthållighet)

We never give up. We find new ways to meet the changing needs of our customers and society.

Quality (Kvalitet)

We deliver what the customer wants and more. Our products and services are renowned for their reliability and consistent performance.

Flexibility (Flexibilitet)

We ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it.

Our mission

We help our customers source sustainable materials for a better future.