Oppboga Truecoat C2S

The authentic solid bleached sulphate board

Paperboard Oppboga Truecoat C2S

Product options


Double coated on both sides


Double-coated front and white reverse


Uncoated white front and reverse

Oppboga Truecoat C2S is a solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board with a white double coating on both sides to ensure good printability. The product has outstanding smoothness, lending itself perfectly to finishing techniques such as film and foil lamination. Its multi-layer board structure withstands the most challenging converting processes.

The paperboard’s optimized whiteness brings demanding images to life. At the same time, its high resistance to UV light preserves this vibrancy and ensures the product stays whiter for longer. For all of the above reasons, Oppboga Truecoat C2S is perfectly suited for luxury packaging and high-end graphical applications.

Oppboga Truecoat C2S is available in a variety of substances from 400gsm to 670gsm and is suitable for direct food contact.

Possible Applications

  • Gift & loyalty cards
  • Premium packaging
  • Luxury spirits & beverages
  • Food packaging & trays
  • Gift set packaging
  • Graphical
  • Medical packaging

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