Oppboga Robust™

Strong. Tear resistant. An ideal alternative to micro-fluting.

Paperboard Oppboga Robust

Product options


White coated on both sides

Kraft 1S

Natural brown colour on one side

Kraft 2S

Natural brown colour on both sides

Oppboga Robust™ is a two-side coated SUS (solid unbleached sulphate) board possessing a high tear strength that keeps your products and brand safe.

The strong paperboard runs extremely well on automated packing lines and is perfectly suited for multipacks and heavy cartons, be it for luxury beverages, food trays, gift sets or electronics. In this sector, Oppboga Robust™ outperforms micro-fluted cartons, particularly when it comes to its consistent print performance (no flute shadow effect).

Oppboga Robust™ is available in a variety of thicknesses from 720 to 1010mic and is suitable for direct food contact.

Possible Applications

  • Gift & loyalty cards
  • Premium packaging
  • Luxury spirits & beverages
  • Food packaging & trays
  • Gift set packaging
  • Medical packaging

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