Oppboga Resilient™

Versatile. Moisture loving. Fossil free.

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Brown Kraft paper on both sides


High barrier against water

Oppboga Resilient™ and its enhanced version Oppboga Resilient™ Plus defy moist and wet environments. They are therefore a sustainable alternative to PVC, polypropylene and other single-use plastic components in the sign, display as well as packaging segments. This innovative paperboard contains strong wood fibres that allow for advanced 3D constructions that can be flat-packed to save on transport costs.

Oppboga Resilient™ is perfectly suited for indoor environments where moisture can be an issue, for example nearby the supermarket’s refrigerated units. The thinnest version of Oppboga Resilient™ (830mic) can also be used for packaging applications, such as food trays, beer packs or plant pots. 

Oppboga Resilient™ Plus, in contrast, is made for temporary outdoor applications, such as election campaign signage, event waste bins, bollard covers, A-frames, hoarding signs or public transport advertisement.

The Oppboga Resilient™ range is available in a wide range of thicknesses from 830 to 2200mic and can be manufactured in sheet sizes up to 1700 x 3600mm for large format printing.

Possible Applications

  • Indoor signage
  • Promotional POS & display
  • Moisture-resistant signage
  • Outdoor short-term signage
  • Food packaging & trays
  • Graphical
  • Medical packaging
  • Plants & flowers
  • Window displays
  • High impact advertising
  • Water-resistant packaging

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