Oppboga Prominent™

Superbly printable. Bulky. Lightweight.

Paperboard Oppboga Prominent

Product options

At Oppboga, we endeavour to develop paperboard qualities that meet our customers’ needs.

If you cannot find a suitable paperboard grade among our current product range please contact our R&D team.

Oppboga Prominent™ has a triple-coated surface that ensures outstanding printability. Its premium fibre composition (CTMP) provides a bulky paperboard that is approximately 20% lighter than other coated boards, resulting in cost and environmental benefits.

The quality can be used in direct contact with premium confectionary and other food products as well as for luxury beverage cartons, medical or electronics packaging or gift cards.

Oppboga Prominent™ can be sourced directly from our warehouse for short-term delivery. The quality is available in a variety of thicknesses from 500 to 800mic and is suitable for direct food contact.

Possible Applications

  • Gift & loyalty cards
  • Premium packaging
  • Luxury spirits & beverages
  • Food packaging & trays
  • Gift set packaging
  • Graphical
  • Medical packaging

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