Oppboga Nova

Solid. Industrial. The backbone of many products.

Product options

At Oppboga, we endeavour to develop paperboard qualities that meet our customers’ needs.

If you cannot find a suitable paperboard grade among our current product range please contact our R&D team.

Oppboga Nova™ is made from wood fibres and offers high bulk and stiffness – properties that support structures and aid industrial conversion. Most of the time, this paperboard stays modestly in the background where its reliability and strength ensure that products and processes function well.

The paperboard’s pure, cream core is ideal as a base for POS displays and luxury rigid boxes.

Oppboga Nova™ is acid-free, suitable for direct food contact and available in a large range of thicknesses from 550 to 4000mic.

Possible Applications

  • Framing
  • Industrial

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