Oppboga Truecoat™ C2S

Oppboga Truecoat™ C2S
The authentic solid bleached sulphate board

Crafted in Sweden and made of renewable fibres from sustainably managed Scandinavian forests, Oppboga Truecoat C2S embodies centuries of paperboard-making expertise. This multi-layer solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board has both inner strength to withstand rigorous converting processes and outside beauty to ensure lasting shelf appeal.



The multi-layer fibre structure of chemical pulp sourced from slow-growing Scandinavian forests gives not only added strength but also the suppleness that is required to tolerate the demanding requirements of printing and cartoning machines. For this reason, Oppboga Truecoat C2S performs exceptionally well when it comes to folding, creasing or embossing. The multi-layer product is particularly suited to offset printing as its manufacturing process offers world-class flatness and sheet stacking accuracy that allow printing machines to perform effortlessly.



With two layers of coating on both sides, Oppboga Truecoat C2S is beautiful inside and out. The polar white surfaces provide accurate colour reproduction to bring complex images to life. At the same time, their high resistance to UV light preserves their vibrancy and ensures the product stays whiter for longer. Both the front and reverse side are extremely smooth, making them perfectly suited to embellishments such as hot foiling. True and non-fading colours, as well as noble finishes, are a must-have for any premium consumer brand.


As a designer, not only can you go wild when it comes to dreaming up shapes, colours or embellishments but you can also choose from among a plethora of paperboard substances (from 400 gsm to 670 gsm) and options (coated on one side or both) as well as enjoy great service (express service on standard sizes thanks to paper base reel stock at Oppboga Bruk).