Oppboga Excellent™ - the natural choice for indoor advertising

Oppboga Excellent™ makes foam PVC redundant

The vast majority of in-store marketing (displays, signage) is used for a short period of time. Oppboga Excellent™ is a sustainable yet cost-effective alternative to foam PVC and other plastic composites. The quality is made from 100% virgin wood fibres and offers high bulk with less weight than other boards. Its triple coated surface results in a bright, smooth finish perfect for printing. The are many benefits when using Oppboga Excellent™:


Oppboga Excellent™ is an FSC-certified quality that unlike plastic composites (example: foam PVC, foam board or corrugated plastic) is fully recyclable (up to 8 times or more) due to the good paper recycling infrastructure that is in place in all developed countries. It is also fully biodegradable and compostable over time.

Cost efficient

The high bulk of its virgin wood fibres means that you can use sheets that are thinner when compared to plastic composites (such as foam PVC), hence you pay less per weight or per 1000 sheets respectively. The thinner sheets also allow you to transport 33% more material in the same space while reducing your storage capacity requirements by a third.

Service orientated

Oppboga Excellent™ is available in the sheet sizes that you require, so you don’t need to worry about wastage and the associated monetary and environmental costs. Oppboga Excellent™ comes in a wide range of thicknesses from 500mic to 4000mic for a multitude of different display applications.


The characteristics of the board fibres allow for precise and clean cutting. The smooth, pure surface makes for superb printability, no matter whether in offset, screen or large format digital printing (sheet size available up to 1700 x 3600 mm).