Oppboga Textured Extra White™

Fresh. Tactile. Ageless.

Paperboard Oppboga Textured Extra White

Product options

At Oppboga, we endeavour to develop paperboard qualities that meet our customers’ needs.

If you cannot find a suitable paperboard grade among our current product range please contact our R&D team.

Oppboga Textured Extra White™ has been developed specifically for high quality print production.

The high-white paperboard is purposely designed for offset printing while its uncoated, tactile surface invites touch.

Oppboga Textured Extra White™ is a popular quality for premium packaging and luxury beverages and is available in 700 and 800mic.

Possible Applications

  • Gift & loyalty cards
  • Premium packaging
  • Luxury spirits & beverages
  • Gift set packaging
  • Graphical
  • Medical packaging

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