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Product applications


Display Board 

The use of displays is widely spread by retailers in order to communicate various messages to the customers. Our customers on display board are merchants and wholesalers selling to printers all over Europe. The products of Oppboga are all twin-sided. i.e. the printability is equal on both sides and the surface is known to be top class. Read more about our products by clickin on a specific product brand name.

Packaging Board

If you want to present your product in a package that gives the receiver a feeling of quality and value for money, we recommend you to consider a twin-sided product that have the same surface on both sides and that give you the possibility to print on both sides.
It is quite another feeling to open a box with a nice print if you get the same impression as the one you got when you first saw the box. A brown inside will give the customer a completely different feeling and not matching your high class product. We can help you to find the best solution for your need.

Framing Board

Oppboga is producing passepartout and backing board which is used for framing of paintings, prints or photos. A frame with a matching passepartout will help building the beauty of the picture and creates an extra dimension to it. We have a program of passepartout and backing board that will suit the most frequent demands, all acid free and of top quality.

Other Applications

Do not hesitate to ask for a solution within our competence. We will be glad to help you!