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The meaning of the word “quality” is something that is being discussed and tonnes of books have been written on the subject. For us it simply means;

Fulfilment of our customer’s expectations.

It is as simple as that and it demands an organisation that is motivated to do just that. If you, our customer, feel that you have not got what you have expected and paid for, then we have a lesson to learn.


To us, the word quality relates not only to the superior physical characteristics of the paperboard we produce. It means satisfying our customers’ needs through all aspects of the business relationship – from product development through manufacturing, distribution and commercial service, to after sales–support.

We have implemented Quality Assurance Systems to maintain our product quality and meet customer needs and expectations. At our mills we have certified quality assurance systems according to ISO 9001:2008.


icon_pdf.gif ISO-Certificate 9001:2008