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History (milestones)   


Papyrus established a wood grinding company at Oppboga.

The first paper board manufacturing machine was built and Oppboga AB was reorganized.

Oppboga's logotype was created; an English Bulldog. (The MD at the time owned an English Bulldog, hence the choice.)


The second paper board manufacturing machine was built and mounted together with the first paper board machine, which made it possible to produce laminated board.

The third paper board manufacturing machine was built. This machine was equipped with double Yankee cylinders to create a two sided board without pasting.

The laminator was built for producing twin-sided board in substance above 1000 gr/m2.

Kopparfors AB/Oppboga Bruk was founded. The last paper board machine stopped. A total reconstruction of the laminator begun.

Oppboga Bruk AB became independent.

Lennart Larsson and Ekonomifabriken Förvaltning AB acquired Oppboga Bruk on 21st June 2004.
A new business concept was implemented and the company was reorganized.


Lennart Larsson (MD) and Tom Almgren (Chairman of the Board) acquired Oppboga Bruk in March 2007.

In October 2007, a second laminating machine was built, for twin-sided board in substances from 300 gsm to 620 gsm. 


Lamination machine No 1 (KLM 1) was rebuilt to meet market demands for extra large sheets, maximum size 1700 x 3600 mm.


Lennart Larsson becomes sole owner and the new Chairman of the Board.