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Business Concept

Oppboga will provide you as our customer with innovative product solutions at world class quality. Short lead times, high flexibility and customer focus accompanied by our expertise and skill in laminating boards gives you security and low production costs.


Oppboga’s overall objective is high profitability. We mean that profitability is the best objective in order to serve all the institutions, companies and people that are interested in Oppboga.
- The shareholders want acceptable appreciation
- The customers want consistent supply at competitive overall material costs
- The suppliers want stable payments and consistent deliveries
- The employees at Oppboga want to get a competitive income and a creative working    climate
- The society is interested in tax income

Focus on three niches:

Our tradition lies in the graphic industry. We have a history of being a main supplier of high quality, twin-sided display board. Our brands are well known in the industry. We will continue to penetrate the geographical markets where we are present. We sell our products through wholesalers and merchants to the graphical industry.


We have, in the latest years developed a wide range of packaging board, primarily for packages when there is a demand for exclusivity. A world class product should be presented in a world class package. A laminated twin-sided board is a good start. Oppboga will continue to search for partnerships with packaging producers to further develop this market segment.


Oppboga has a range of products for the framing industry, so called mat board or passepartout board. In addition to that comes various types of backing board. These products are normally sold through agents or directly to end-users.


Short lead times
Our customers, like ourselves, are probably interested in lowest possible binding of capital. High inventory means high costs, long lead times and high risk of incurrence and, because of that, high risk for customer claims. We don’t want our customers to have these problems. That is why a small order, within reason, is better than a big one. We shall strive to be the best in the business small batch production.

High flexibility and customer focus
Thanks to our ability to handle small batches responding to customers orders, we will always be flexible and we can easily adjust to customers need for flexibility to their customers.

Competence and skill
Our brands, history and tradition will of course guarantee that we have a staff of skilled workers and engineers. But that is not enough. Our aim is to invest a part of our profits in education and development of the human resources in our company. That is good for the company, good for the customer and good for the employee.


The humane company that continues to deliver world-class products
Quality - Service - Flexibility